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Participate: Here, too, we count!

The world shop and the association live from the voluntary commitment of the association members and shop employees.
We are therefore regularly looking for new interested parties who would like to contribute to preservation, gain a wide range of experience with us and be creative.

Please contact us or donate the attached application for membership to us.


To complete please fill the boxes marked with +


Hellenstrasse 10, Winterberg.


Make transfer IBAN DE94 4606 2817 5191 0311 00

at the Volksbank eG

in name of

Kipepeo fair and social registered association


In the shop
Please first inquire whether it is useful.


In the shop / In the shop

Our association is run by a team of volunteers. We can always use extra help. Please register via email.


As a driver

Occasionally it is sometimes useful to have someone with a car or a van to help transport goods or people.


Become a Sponsor


Our organization relies mainly on sponsorship. Your donations are carefully managed and allocated to projects that we carefully select and oversee.

Support group

Want to become a sponsor? contact us please

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