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Year-end Report 2022

The Winterberg association Kipepeo – fair und sozial e.V. closes the year 2022 with donations to the shopping cart in Winterberg and refugee aid in several countries.

Through generous money donations from individuals, the graduating class of the high school

Winterberg , retailers and through income from our flea market we were able to find many social

support projects in 2022.

A large collection of food and hygiene supplies was personally brought to Ukraine by Kipepeo members at the beginning of November. Many people in homes for the elderly, children and the disabled could thus be somewhat helped.

Winterberg retailers continue to donate warm clothing, which is forwarded to both Ukraine and Bosnia.

A large donation was made to MSF in Afghanistan and to the Molham team for refugees in northern Syria.

From the proceeds of our flea market, the Products Cart Winterberg will be supported this year with 2000 euros, as more and more people need special help locally.

We would like to thank all our fellow citizens here in and around Winterberg for their great willingness to help and will inform them about further aid projects.

We are always happy with active helpers, we also accept donations such as decoration, crockery, pictures, costume jewellery, etc. for our flea market.

Visit us in our shop in Winterberg, Hellenstrasse 10 ( Corner Bahnhofstrasse) ,

Opening hours:

Tuesday and Thursday from 10 till 12 :30 Uhr

Wednesday and Friday from 15 till 17:30 Uhr

Or on request

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